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Maxwell W. Hunter, II

Maxwell W. Hunter II, a visionary rocketeer, consummate aerodynamicist, project manager and policy advisor for five decades, steadfastly contributed to the nation's rocket programs and the future of space transportation.


This website supports the Maxwell W. Hunter Foundation mission through following the extraordinary journey of Max Hunter along with the process of organizing and eventually providing public access to many of Max’s extensive files. This library includes, in addition to the dozens of technical publications he authored, thousands of notes, memos and correspondence, media and government reports, speeches and presentations, event coverage, family records,photos, videos, art and memorabilia.


"Max was one of the real pioneers," said Roger Launius, NASA Chief Historian. "He spans the history of space flight literally from the dawn of the Space Age until his death (in 2001). He was involved in virtually every major launch vehicle that was developed in the United States in one form or another and had revolutionary ideas that in some cases found their way into the technology and in some cases we have yet to try them out."


50th Anniversary Reissue of THRUST INTO SPACE now available

Originally published in 1966, this long-awaited 50th Anniversary Reissue Edition of Max Hunter's seminal textbook on basic rocket engineering and space craft propulsion systems, THRUST INTO SPACE, is now and available in paperback from

Aimed primarily at secondary-level students, THRUST INTO SPACE presents rocket engineering in a technologically sound yet understandable style, and the ideas and arguments Max presents are still captivating and stimulating a half-century later.

The original book is published in its entirety, along with new content including an updated biography, a foreword by Dr. J.D.Crouch, II, and a list of other Max Hunter policy papers and technical publications. All proceeds from THRUST INTO SPACE benefit the Maxwell W. Hunter Foundation.



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The mission of the Maxwell W. Hunter Foundation is to support secondary-level aeronautical engineering curriculum in the United States while inspiring America's youth to consider careers in aeronautical engineering.

The Foundation also provides insight into America's golden age of space exploration by following the five-decade journey of legendary aerodynamicist and space visionary Max Hunter.

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