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Maxwell W. Hunter Foundation


Our Mission
To provide inspiration and support for the hard and spectacular job of engineering the dreams of space exploration.

About Us
The Maxwell W. Hunter Foundation is a nonprofit educational foundation to keep alive the dreams of Max Hunter, a giant of American rocketry and space age visionary.  In the tradition of Max Hunter’s revolutionary thinking, the Foundation advocates for relentless advancement and innovation in space transportation.  Max believed that the key to maintaining America’s leadership role in space exploration required recruiting and training America’s best and brightest youth, to transform them into world-class aerodynamicists and technology engineers.

Max understood that decisions are made by people and their behavior and reactions are at least as important as the hard numbers behind the ideas. He absolutely wanted space to be shared and explored by everyone on the planet and saw little or no value limiting the dialogue to existing scientific review boards and government committees. To this end, the Foundation will promote conversations on new technologies and innovations that Max had not even imagined, maintaining the spirit of his wry, sarcastic and inquiring intellect.

Activities of the Foundation include re-publication of an expanded 50th Anniversary edition of Thrust Into Space, organizing and releasing many of Max Hunter’s publications, and sharing his legacy and wit through social media platforms (a YouTube Channel, Blogspot news blog, and Facebook).

For more information, contact:
Matthew S. Hunter
Maxwell W. Hunter Foundation
15303 Ventura Blvd., Suite 900
Sherman Oaks, CA  91403



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The goal of this website is to provide insight into America's golden age of space exploration by following the five-decade journey of legendary aerodynamicist and space visionary Max Hunter.

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