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"Maxwell Hunter: A brilliant scientist at the heart of U.S. space and missile plans." 1

The career of Maxwell Hunter is marked by the vision and diversity of the many projects he spearheaded.  All were aimed toward the progress and advancement of humanity's quest for space. From the early Thor missiles to the Delta launcher on to the expansive Strategic Defense Initiative, the visionary Hubble Space Telescope, the Space shuttle, and the progress of single-stage-to-orbit vehicles like the DC-X, his aims were always to reach space and utilize it  for science, research, commerce and travel, for government, industry and the average man.

DC-X Delta Clipper

Delta Family of Launch Vehicles

Hubble Space Telescope

Nike Missile Family

Saturn V S-IVb Stage

Space Tourism

Single Stage to Orbit Designs

Strategic Defense Initiative SDI

STS Space Shuttle

Thor IRBM and Launch Vehicles


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